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Examples of some of Geoff Smith's Custom Production Music and Voice Overs

Jingle Demo 7 - Geoff Smith
Slow and Mid Tempo Demo - Geoff Smith
Fast and Up Tempo Music Demo - Geoff Smith
Jingles, Ringtones and Sound-alike Demo - Geoff Smith
Voice Over Demo Reel - Geoff Smith

Custom Production and Composition

Listen to Geoff speak about his work and services

Listen to Geoff’s Extended Demo Reel HERE

Geoff Smith’s jingle work can be heard on TV and many of the most popular Podcasts and New Media Productions, such as iJustine’s top rated You Tube Show “Ask iJ“, “This Week in Tech” with Leo Laporte, “MacBreak Weekly“, “No Agenda” with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak, and his own popular video podcast for

Geoff’s theme songs and jingles have established him as THE go-to music guy for many New Media Marketing Companies and Web-Content Creators.

His catchy pop jingles have been used on spots for Go Daddy, Honda, Blackberry, etc. He won the Big Gig Jingle contest in 2008 for The Nashville MTA.

Geoff’s sound design and original scores have been heard on such TV shows as American PickersAmerican Stuffers, MTV Music AwardsThe VoiceThe Rachel Ray Show,  numerous shows on VH1, TLC, History Channel, Animal Planet, and many more.

Geoff does the entire production process all by himself, including the writing, the vocals, the instruments as well as the the recording in his own studio.

It all began with Trinity, the Quintessential Luxury. Geoff wrote the theme song to Adam Curry’s bio diesel fueled car named Trinity.

Thanks to the Podfather’s blessing, Geoff began churning out more jingles for the Daily Source Code podcast.

Not long after that, Geoff went on to pen many Daily Source Code musical segments, and soon other podcasters, TV producers and game designers sought Geoff out for his unique and professional talents.

Geoff has been an active supporter and composer for the Songs of Love Foundation since 2006. Songs of Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing personalized songs for chronically and terminally ill children and young adults.

If you would like to have a Jingle produced, please contact Geoff Smith directly for pricing as well as terms and conditions.

Geoff Describes His Work:
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